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SLE-MAXA-C | Universal Cell/IP Communicator & Remote Services Hub - AT&T 5G Network

Brand: Napco
Product Code: SLE-MAXA-C
Categories:  Communicators

Universal Cell/IP communicator & remote services hub, connected by AT&T 5G, for cell & IP alarm reporting, full emulated remote keypad, bus data & full notifications (UL Listed).


  • Upgrade accounts’ alarm reporting from older networks to AT&T 5G LTE-M Dual Path Cellular &/or IP for longest cellular lifespan available
  • Use with your favorite panel brand(s) & any central station
  • Upgrade/Takeover virtually any existing alarm system
  • Easy installation in minutes, panel-powered & real equipment savings
  • Signal Boost™ Circuitry & unique dual-diversity twin antennas, maximizing signal acquisition and eliminating the multiphase-effect signal-clash/drop-outs single-antenna units are prone to
  • Full remote Up/Downloads with same original panel program on top brands
  • Compliances: UL1610 and UL985

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