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SLE-LTEV-FIRE | Sole Path Comm Fire Intrusion Communicator

Brand: Napco
Product Code: SLE-LTEV-FIRE
Categories:  Communicators , Fire Systems

StarLink Fire Universal 12V/24V FACP Universal Commercial Fire Alarm Communicators Commercial Fire Sole Path Communicator, Cellular,
connected by Verizon LTE, ABS. Low current draw, panel-powered
technology. No extra power supply or conduit. Free for All Tradeup Incentive on POTs, new installs, old networks old radios, saves $100ea on all models UL/NFPA


  • Universal full event sole path cellular commercial fire alarm reporting from any panel brand, virtually anywhere
  • For use as primary or backup communications on all 12V-24V control panels and FACPs that communicate using Contact ID and 4/2 (such as on legacy panels)
  • Reports to any Central Station nationwide, via dial up or IP Panel-Powered, low current. No extra power supply or conduit StarLink Free for All Tradeup Incentive on POTs, new installs, old networks old radios, saves $100ea on all models
  • Proven Reliability, Labor-Savings & Class-Leading Technology - OTA firmware upgrades, UL/NFPA Code Compliant, Preactivaed to esure communication, saving onsite labor & time Communicate critical life and safety alarm reports on cyber-protected multib illion-dollar cellular nationwide networks, for maximum security & liability protection
  • Unique StarLink LTE dual diversity precision twin antennae design & Signal Boost circuitry ensure greater range & reliability, maximizing signal acquisition and nu ll-avoidance, receiving signals simultaneously on both antennae
  • Easy, flexible installation, activation & online account management
  • Patented Signal Boost signal amplification circuit and high-gain performance antenna for longer range and reliability nationwide
  • CODE COMPLIANT: UL864, 10th Edition, NFPA 72 Editions 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007. UL1610, UL985, UL1023; CSFM; NYCFD; LAFD

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