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QN75QN95CA | 75" Neo QLED 4K Smart TV with Quantum HDR+

Brand: Samsung
Product Code: QN75QN95CA
Categories:  Indoor Residential

Experience Samsung’s Ultimate 4K TV

Dive into Samsung's most brilliantly intense 4K experience, powered by Quantum Matrix Technology. By using precision Mini LEDs to create a wide range of color and contrast, rich details are revealed. Marvel all that emerges from your darkest and brightest scenes thanks to 14-bit processing for deep blacks and over a billion shades of color. From daytime sports to movie night, your picture amazes in any light with AI-processing that expertly upscales content to 4K and refines your Smart Hub and sound.



  • Quantum Matrix with Mini LEDs

  • Infinity One Design

  • Neural Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling

  • Neo Quantum HDR+

  • Dolby AtmosTM and Object Tracking Sound+


Quantum Matrix with Mini LEDs

Samsung’s Neo QLED range uses Quantum Mini LEDs – lights that are approximately the size of a grain of sand. They are precisely controlled to create deep blacks, boosted brightness levels, and intense detail and contrast in every aspect of the picture.

Infinity One Design

The gorgeous Infinity One Design will take your viewing experience to the next level with a stunning ultra-slim profile.

Dolby Atmos®

Dolby Atmos technology delivers a sound experience that you can feel all around you. It works with the TVs built-in speakers to create an incredibly immersive and realistic impression of sound. When a helicopter flies overhead in your favorite blockbuster, it feels like it is actually flying over you.

Neural Quantum Processor 4K

Think of the processor as the brain of the TV, and this is Samsung's most intelligent 4K processor yet. Using AI and neural networks, it optimizes the sound and picture to unleash the full power of 4K. Learning scene-by-scene, it automatically optimizes the brightness, amplifies the contrast, enhances objects, clarifies voices over background noise and upscales the resolution to incredible 4K picture quality.

Ultra-Viewing Angle with Anti-Reflection Screen

No need to worry about having to close the curtains for a mid-day movie marathon. Samsung’s critically acclaimed Anti-Reflection technology absorbs reflections to reduce glare, so you’re not distracted from the action on screen.

Powered by Quantum Dot

See everything you watch come to life with greater detail and realism. Samsung’s Quantum Dot-powered TVs transformed light into lifelike and accurate color – validated by Pantone. The result? A naturally bright and colorful picture in over a billion cinematic colors.

Neo Quantum HDR+

From gloomy shadows to sun-scorched scenes – see the previously hidden detail in every scene, exactly as you’re meant to. Thanks to remarkable HDR brightness, watch in true-to-life quality with rich color and remarkable contrast.

EyeComfort Mode

The EyeComfort Mode feature re-adjusts TV brightness settings depending on the time of day so it’s always easy on the eyes.

Object Tracking Sound Plus

An immersive TV surround sound experience that puts in the heart of the action. This TV uses its 8 speakers built-in to the four sides of the TV to make the sound follow the action on screen. Hear a car zoom along your screen or the crowd cheer all around you.

Samsung Q-Symphony

Heighten you viewing experience with the benefit of great sound quality delivered from both the TV speakers and soundbar, at the same time. Get the audio experience your Samsung TV deserves.

Gaming Hub

Samsung Gaming Hub brings together the biggest console and steaming games from Xbox and other industry-leading partners, all in one place. With no downloads, storage limits or console required, just turn on your TV and play.

Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro

Conquer every enemy, even at searing speeds. The TV and HDMI 2.1 work with the next-gen consoles to deliver ultra-low input lag and ultra-responsive gamely. It cuts out the blur between fast-paced images, so you’ll experience ultra-smooth and immersive 4K gaming.

Smart TV Powered by Tizen

With the best-selling Samsung Smart TV you can dive into a huge collection of 4K films, TV shows, and all your catch-up TV apps – including Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV – All in one place. Not sure what to watch? Samsung’s easy-to-use Smart Hub platform gives you recommendations.


Control the devise in your connected smart home through your TV. From game consoles to Bluetooth speakers and 1000s of smart devise, this TV gives you simple control. You can monitor home cameras or see who’s at the door from the comfort of your sofa. Finally, smart living – made simple.

Samsung TV Plus

Watch 1000s of TV shows and movies, for free, with Samsung TV plus. Get instant access to live and on-demand entertainment. Stream the latest news on CNN and catch-up on kids shows, sports highlights and more with no strings attached.

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