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PUP1-U-1-6-C-002 | Pulsar Plus 48A Electric Vehicle Charger

Pulsar Plus 48A Hardwired 11.5kW Electric Vehicle Charger, Matte Black

Brand: Wallbox
Product Code: PUP1-U-1-6-C-002
Categories:  EV Charger

Wallbox Pulsar Plus offers a compact size and a powerful performance for faster electric vehicle charging at home. Designed for easy installation, Pulsar Plus can charge any electric car on the market and is future-ready to handle tomorrow.s more powerful EV batteries. Compatible with all EVs: Charge any EV currently available on the market. Indoors and Outdoors: NEMA Type 4 rated for water and dust resistance. Pulsar Plus is safe for use indoors and outdoors. Easy Installation: With an available NEMA 14-50 plug or via hardwired installation, Pulsar Plus can be easily installed by your electrician or a certified Wallbox installation partner. Only available for the 40A model. 25-Ft Cable: Designed with the maximum allowed cable length, giving you more flexibility to charge your EV where you want. Safe and Reliable: UL 2594 listed for electrical safety, backed by a 3-year warranty.

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