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MM815 | Motorized Drop Down & Swivel TV Mount

Product Code: MM815
Categories:  Lifts & Motorized Mounts

Product Description

Now you can bring your large flat-screen TV down off the wall to the perfect height and swivel it left or right with just the push of one button. The award-winning MantelMount presents a first-of-its-kind consumer motorized, remote-controlled TV mount for high on the wall installations, such as over a fireplace. Offering perfected eye-level viewing that maximizes not only your TV picture quality but also your personal comfort and enjoyment, the MM815 Motorized Drop Down & Swivel TV Mount is an absolute showstopper. This mount is perfect for anyone who wants a home theater experience in any room they're watching TV. The MM815 ushers in a new standard for home entertainment enthusiasts!

Distinguishing Features Include:

  • AUTOMATIC DROP & SWIVEL: Patented, proprietary software and precision electronic actuators lowers and swivels the TV quickly and automatically through the use of 2 Memory presets on the remote control.

  • RF REMOTE CONTROL: No need to point at a receiver with the included RF remote.

  • SILENT OPERATION: Custom electronic actuators allow for smooth, barely audible movement.

  • OPTIONAL RECESSIBLE HOUSING: Conceals the lifting arm and electronics in the raised position. Can be recessed for 1.75” flush-to-wall installations (RB100 accessory required)

  • VISUAL TEMPERATURE SENSOR: Height adjustable heat sensor changes to a Red color at temperatures above 110° F to warn users if the fireplace is too hot for the safety of electronics.

  • SOFT & HARD TRAVEL STOPS: Vertical & Horizontal travel limits configured through both software and hardware provide a virtual safety shield that prevents the TV from touching the wall or mantel.

  • PATENTED CENTERING CAMS: Centering Cams automatically swivels the TV to center while raising to avoid permanent obstacles.

  • SWIVEL SAFETY CLUTCH: Friction clutch that Automatically disengages during Horizontal movement to avoid damage if the mount swivels into an object.

  • TILT ADJUST: Fine tune the tilt to keep the perfect angle.

  • POST-INSTALLATION LEVELING: Allows for screen position refinement after the mount is installed.

  • PAINTABLE WALL PLATE COVERS: Paintable to match your wall color. 


  • For TVs 20-115 lbs & 45"-90" screens 

  • 26" Vertical Travel Distance

  • 30° Left or Right Swivel

  • Up to 4° Adjustable Tilt

  • RB100 1.8" Flush-To-Wall Recess Box accessory available (to recess the MM815 requires purchasing the RB100 Recess Box.)


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