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Brand: Island
Product Code: IL-0001-01
Categories:  Routers

A virtual reef between you and the Internet

Instantaneously safeguard the personal data and privacy of every device on your network, providing a comfortable arm’s length between you, your Internet Service Provider and everything else on the World Wide Web. It’s peace of mind for family, employees and anyone else who accesses your network.


You’ve got the WiFi. Island brings the speed.

Let your mesh handle WiFi coverage and unleash Island to optimize your network routing.

Max Throughput: 3.7 Gbps
Max Packet Rate Per Second: 2,000,000+
Max Connections Per Second: 130,000+


Simplicity even a techie will appreciate

Pause the Internet, create schedules for online activity and block undesirable content from your network. The Island app lets you monitor as little or as much as you like.

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