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GEMC-COMBO32KT | Gemini Commercial 32 pt. 24V Integrated Burglary/Fire Addressable Hardwire/Wireless System Kit

Brand: Napco
Product Code: GEMC-COMBO32KT
Categories:  Fire Systems


Gemini Commercial 32pt 24V Integrated Burg/Fire Addressable
Hardwire/Wireless System Kit



  • 24V Panel, 32 Points, max., via commercial analog, addressable, wireless or
  • Built in horn/strobe synch. module/NAC & dual line communicator
  • Quickloader up/downloading & smoke detector sensitivity reporting
  • Kit Includes Burg. Module, with power supply GEMC-FK1 LCD Fire Keypad
  • NFPA72, UL 864 9th Ed., SIA CP01, UL985, UL1610, UL609,365,1023 (CSFM, FM,
  • ALSO See (GEMC-NAC7S) 7 Amp NAC Extender, 4 onboard NACs, up to 2A ea., up
  • to 16Ah batt’y capacity.

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