GEM-P3200 | Gemini P3200 32 Zone/48 RF Point Hybrid Control

Brand: Napco
Product Code: GEM-P3200
Categories:  Control Hubs

The Napco Gemini P3200 Hybrid Security Panel, 8-32/48 Zones is an 8-zone hybrid control panel that can be expanded to 32 zones or 48 RF wireless points. This microcomputer-based burglary and residential fire alarm control panel features a built-in scheduler that allows you to program up to 255 scheduled events. The P3200 also offers an onboard programmable lug and GEM-ACCESS access control compatibility, allowing versatile use in most residential and commercial applications.


  • 8 to 32 hardwire or wireless zones/points; up to 48 RF wireless points
  • Including 2 2-wire fire zones
  • Up to 48 user codes
  • Up to 2 areas
  • Up to 7 keypads
  • 800 Event log
  • Also available w/ 96 zones, 96 users, 8 areas [NAP-GEMP9600]

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