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FWC-FSLC-RM2 | Addressable 2-output Module

Brand: Napco
Product Code: FWC-FSLC-RM2
Categories:  Modules , Fire Systems

The FWC-FSLC-RM2 Dual Relay Output Module has been designed to provide flexible and quick response to emergency conditions. The FWC-FSLC-RM2 allows independent control of two Form C contacts for a variety of normally open and normally closed contact applications such as fan operation, elevator recall, door closure, and auxiliary notification. Each FSLC-RM2 module provides independent control of two Form C contacts while utilizing one SLC (Signaling Line Circuit) address. The FWC-FSLCRM2 module has a highly configurable programming algorithm that allows the user to setup groups of devices (zoning) for simultaneous operation of multiple FWC-FSLC-RM2 modules. Each module has 16 priority states that are programmed. The operating parameters are maintained by the module and do not require individual communication with the control panel during the emergency condition to operate. The control panel broadcasts the control command on the SLC loop and the FWC-FSLC-RM2 modules do the rest based on their custom configuration. Since mechanically latching relays are used within the FWCFSLC-RM2 module, a separate 24VDC power source is not required.

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