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EVOONELTEUSA | Smart Phone Interface - Remote Control Track Secure Interact

Categories:  Security , Remote Start

Smart Phone Interface - Remote Control Track Secure Interact With Vehicle From Phone


Experience Full Mobile Control and Tracking

Install EVO-START LTE and experience the best way to remote control, secure, track and interact with your vehicles from your mobile devices.

Connect the EVO-START LTE device to a compatible remote control system. Once the EVO-START LTE app is installed on your iOS and/or Android device, you can use it to remote start/stop the engine, control and track your vehicles, as well as receive push notifications regarding your vehicles status.

The EVO-START LTE system operates via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or via a wireless mobile specific network with coverage in The USA!

What’s in the box: 1X EVO-START Module & 1X Connecting Cable


Product Highlights:

  • 3-Year subscription plan included with the system
  • Designed to fit easily and securely to virtually any vehicle
  • No antenna to add in the windshield
  • Works with iOS and Android devices
  • Mobile Network Coverage in USA
  • Mobile Remote Control
  • Alarm & Usage Notifications
  • Mobile Network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • GPS Tracking
  • Works with EVO-ONE & EVO-ALL platforms


Product Features:

  • Engine Start & Stop Control
  • Doors Lock & Unlock Control (Keyless Entry)
  • Convenience & Comfort Features Control
  • GPS Tracking & Events History
  • Interior & Exterior Temperature Display
  • Custom Functions Control Available
  • Security & Alarm System
  • Push Notification Status
  • Multi-Vehicle Management
  • Multi-User Vehicle Sharing
  • Battery Status Display
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • Dimensions: 4.75" x 3.25" x 10.5"

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